1. Import or paste spreadsheet data into RoboSheets.
2. Begin performing your task in any empty column to the right of your data. Robosheets will try to finish your task.

RoboSheets' attempts are shown in green text.
3. Correct RoboSheets errors by typing over them, until all of the green text is correct.
4. Copy your data and paste it in Excel / Google Sheets / etc, or click 'Export' to Export your data.

All green text will be black when you paste it or export it.
If you add an equals sign at the end of a cell, RoboSheets automatically evaluates it as a mathematical expression.

The basic math operators are + - *, and /. For more advanced expressions, Robosheets supports writing arbitrary Javasript. For example, you might write `Math.sqrt(5)=` to get the square root of five.

When you copy a math cell, Robosheets only copies the value it computed.
More Help & Feature Requests
If you need help, or if you find something that Robosheets can't do that it should be able to do, let me know on twitter. Cheers!